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Summer Ideas for Seniors with Mobility Issues

Summer Ideas for Seniors with Mobility Issues

The summer months are a time for fun and relaxation for many people. And after a year of getting cooped up at home, vaccinated individuals can finally go out and have fun under the sun. But for seniors and their caregivers who provide them with personal assistance services, it can also be a source of stress.

While summer days don’t have the same cold snaps and icy weather like winter brings, hot days do increase the risk of heat-related conditions. As a home care provider in Pennsylvania, keeping your elderly loved one safe all summer long is our top priority.

Here are some safety summer tips from our home health care in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania:

  • Senior Hydration
    Many seniors get dehydrated because it’s too hot. So make sure to make hydration a habit and increase their overall fluid intake.
  • Summer Vacation Concerns
    Choose destinations with the shortest travel time and make accommodation and transfer arrangements ahead. Also, be sure to bring enough medication that can cover the full trip.
  • Activities They can Enjoy
    It is tempting to go sightseeing and visit every tourist spot there is, but scale back a bit and plan activities during the day when the weather is a bit cooler. Ensure that you included enough rest time in your itinerary.

What other safe summer activities do you enjoy doing with your senior loved ones? Share it in Victory Place Home Health Care, LLC’s on Facebook or send us a tweet!

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