Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy from Victory Place Home Health Care, LLC involves the rehabilitation of your self-care skills and mobility. We strive to help you regain your independence as quickly as possible so you can resume your normal lifestyle.

Here are some of the inclusions of the Occupational Therapy program:

  • Coordinating Activities to Promote Independence
  • Enhancement of Upper Extremity Strength
  • Coordinating Return-to-Work Programs
  • Fatigue Management in Overcoming Disability
  • Home Safety Training
  • Body Mechanics Rehabilitation
  • Fitting of Prosthetic Devices for Amputations
  • Mobility Treatment
  • Muscle Control Training
  • Minimizing Fatigue by Work Simplification
  • Restoring Sensation and Sensory Function
  • Lymphedema Management
  • Training in the Use of Mobility Assistive Devices
  • Therapy to Improve Coordination
  • Coaching on Work Safety Practices
  • Energy Conservation and Management